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Gifted Testing and Leanring Disability

Psycho-Educational Assessment 

Are you concerned about your child's progress in school? You know your child the best! If you think he/she is behind in school, or not working up to his/her potential, you may want to request testing to examine his/her skills and abilities. Psycho-Educational testing generally consists of (1) cognitive or IQ testing, to determine general ability, and (2) academic achievement testing to determine reading, math and writing skills. It is a concern when children are working below grade level, or below their own ability level. Early identification of these problems and early intervention can be essential for a child's long term success and sense of confidence in school and in later life.

At New Path, we can help (1) identify areas strengths and weaknesses, (2) specifically tell you what your child should work on, (3) help you communicate with your child's school about the testing results and what should happen next, and (4) offer tutoring to help strengthen skills.

We also offer assessments for adult learners. Adults often need assessment of learning issues or other psychological problems/disabilities in order to access appropriate services and accommodations in college, graduate school, or other settings.

The cost of a psycho-educational evaluation starts at $700 which include at least 3 to 4 hours of face to face testing, as well as a written report and a follow up meeting to explain the results. The cost can increase with a more complex or time-consuming evaluation—we will give you a more specific price after we talk to you about your specific situation.